Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Yesterday and Today

I went to my sisters house last night and hung out with her... and we ended up staying up till 1:30 a.m.. which is no big deal for me cuz i've got insomnia anyway... but it was a bit much for her. But we were rolling on the floor laughing because i was regaling her with my hospital/IHS mishap stories. She found them highly amusing.. which they are, they are tragic... but SO funny! Tragic humor. Seems to be my life story. LOL. It was great... and the stories ARE funny.... I'm just glad I'm still around to tell them... as they could have all turned out badly. I htink her favorite one was the one where I broke my arm, and becuase of where i was living at the time, it took two days to get to the hospital and when I finally got there.... i couldn't get any help because the hospital was being evacuated. Damn prairie fires anyway. Anyway.... it was fun.
Today, we spent a good majority of the day at riverboat days... my sis and I, cuz we wanted to see Brule play. While I was there, i saw a few very cool vermillionites... and two other good friends from yankton.. so that was nice. Hubbs had to go in to do some work at the office, then he joined us... we all had (a very expensive) lunch and looked a bit at some of the art booths. But it wasn't long before I was too wore out to go on... so we headed home.
I took a nap for about an hour and then we went to my sisters house where she and i hung out and hubbs and cephansi went for a 10 mi bike ride. Then it was dinner time. And hanging out time... my dad called while i was there.. so he got to talk to me, sis and hubby. He's going through some stuff right now, cuz he is retiring and trying to move from his old house to his new... and all the insanity that ensues there. He owned his own business and all kinds of other things that make it harder for him to "just retire". Lots of loose ends to tie up. I told him to tie them all up and THEN come out and see us and the baby.... I want to spend time with him. So he was glad to hear that.... he has that grandpa thing going on where he thought he had to BE here as soon as the baby was born... but I said no. I would rather have him here later and spend time with him then have him rush here nad then turn around and have to leave. Besides... between all the vermillionites... she will have so many visitors as it is already. She's a very lucky and loved baby.
which reminds me.. baby update... went to the dr on thurs.... she has moved down into the pelivs and is in postion to be born... so now the countdown really begins. AND!!!! her diapers are finally here!! woot woot!!! the people at the store were like.. "what kind of diapers are those?"
So i was explaining that they are basically the 07' version of the cloth diaper... like a cloth diaper... but not. The clerk girl was really impressed and wanted to know why i wasn't using disposables.... and so i told her. She was all happy about it. She had a little tag next to her name tag that said: "I buy organic" So, i'm sure she got it. She said she was really happy i wasn't using disposables... which is what a lot of people say to me when i tell them. They are not as nearly happy as I am to be not using them. Even the hospital was impressed.... i had to talk to them and let them know we'd be bringing our own diapers. It is just such a relief to know that I won't be leaving a footprint in the landfill/earth in that sense, that will hang around for 500-800 years. The number still turns my stomach.
Ok, well I'm muchly ready for ohe.... for now, Mbb

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