Sunday, September 30, 2007

baby girls b-day

Baby girl turned three weeks old today.
she is growing so fast! Everyday she changes. the nurse came by to see her on friday.... she is 8 and 1/2 pounds!!!! I'm so proud of her!!!!!
And she is getting so long!!! I can't believe she has only been on this earth for three short weeks.
I still want to stare at her all the time... but I've gotten better about getting down to the business of sleeping when she does. Those first VERY sleep deprived days really taught me a lesson.
I'm so overwhelmed by the awesomeness, beauty and power of her.
Life is perfect.
I blew off my deadline. (Shame on me) I didn't send anything to the publisher. There were just too many other things to do. well, not things... taking care of my daughter. That is what I've done, in lieu of writing my essay. There are tons of things I need/want to work on, manuscipts and such..... but it all seems so UNIMPORTANT right now.... in the shadow of my daughter. I will get back to writing... someday. I'm not going to rush it. Right now, this girl is little once...and I don't want to miss anything.
Her arrival was long coming. I am going to savor every minute of it.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Wow, I've been swept away by motherhood.
It's wonderful.
And trying.
And tiring.
But so worth it.
Baby girl has grown and continues to grow so well. She is already a pound heavier than she was at birth, and an inch longer. And she is only two and half weeks old!! The power of breast milk!!!!
I'm so proud of her!!!!
Our pediatrician is really happy with her progress and loves her to death.. which is so fab. I really like him. He is personable and great with her and understanding of how nervous and freaked out new parents can be. He is kind hearted and appreciates our daughter like we do. I wanted my pediatrician to be similiar or have much of the same values and views as T. Berry Brazelton....(my hero) and he does. woo hoo!!!
There is so much to say, about the whole birth exprience.. and what has happened since then.
Ate' went back to work this past monday... he was a bit glad to get back. Nights were pretty long around here for those two weeks.
She is such a fabulous being.. so well tempered. She's not a constant screamer... despite the fact that she has had tummy troubles.. she will scream sometimes, but not continuously. She calms herself fairly well and is such a happy baby. her little face changes everyday... she is growing so fast. I have to take pics every day.. she changes overnight.
I am sleeping more and sleeping when she sleeps... which is all the time. But, most days it is really hard because when i have gotten done nursing her, and I lay her down next to me.... all I want to do is stare at that beautiful face... that little face that we created... the perfect little being. She is just so perfect. I can't get over it. She's a snuggler, which is nice. Not suprising, but nice.
I do nothing but nurse her and carry her around all day. Which isn't conducive to getting anything else done. She's a momma's girl, which is nice.. and normal.. and not something I will complain about. i will learn to get over the urge to clean my increasingly messy house and just let things be as they are. The time I have with her now... will never happen again.. she will only be at these stages once. And she is changing so fast. I dont' want to miss anything.
I am able to write this now because Ate' is watching little miss and I have some alone time... time I should be using to get an essay done that is due at the publishers in two days.
But I have baby brain and it is too soft to form much coherent thoughts.
I had to send pics to the relatives and such other important people in her life.. so that took up some time.
Now Im ready to go hold my daughter again...
well, maybe I'll take a shower first.
Ok, I will post more later. Promise. It may be a few days... but I will get it done.
be well, MBB

The Most Beautiful Girl in the World

Sorry for the absence... but I became a mother.

On Sept 9, 2007, at 2:26 p.m, Rich and I welcomed little Miss Artichoker who was 6# 9 oz and was 19 and 3/4 inches long. (her name is purposly withheld)
She is the most gorgeous thing I have ever laid eyes on.
My labor lasted 5 1/2 hours,was drug-free and easy. I pushed her out in 20 minutes.
more details to follow.....when i have time.
Right now all I want to do is hold her and stare at her.

My life is complete. I never need anything else for myself again.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Funnies and other stuff

No, no baby yet people.
She isn't "technically" due until tomorrow... so if you are waiting.. (so sweet of you) check back tomorrow.

In other news... today was a fab day. after a week of hell. In a matter of days I succumbed to a broken tooth, an infected tooth, much pain and agony, a smashed foot which ended in a broken toe, and just in general, much misery at being nine months pregnant which was worsened by my (and hubby) coming down with colds.

Oh the misery. It truly was not pretty around here... I swear I could not go out in public without bursting into tears. Why in public? I guess because leaving the house meant I actually had to walk about, which put me in much pain.. exacerbated my false- but- still- painful, contractions, and where I would inevitably hit my broken toe, or step on it wrong.. and life was simply too much to deal with. I actually was standing in Hyvee crying, as people were walking around me looking at me as if I were from mars and had two heads. Normally, had I not been having a rainstorm of hormones, it would be funny and I would expect them to stare at me, I'd probably even laugh with them, but not this time. I just got mad. This only further frustrated me and I retorted to them: "What people, have you never seen a preganant crying woman before?! Stop staring!" To which they really thought then that I WAS mental. My husband just stood there, holding me, letting me wail like a very pregnant woman. He's soo good.
But today.. was a good day. I got enough sleep, I was not in pain, it was not too hot, and I took my dog to the river. If you have my other blog address, you can see the pics.

So, all this craziness, i hope means that baby is on the way.
More tomorrow. promise. go look at the pics. if you don't have the addy, email me and I will give it to you.
be well, MBB