Thursday, August 28, 2008

Update...the good and bad of it

I've been busy.
The good news is, most of the photos are printed for the show... the bad news is, I may yet change my mind and print twenty new ones the last minute.

Turtle and I have been biking everyday this last week, almost all day actually. We only stop to take naps and at the end of the day when it is time to be domestic and do things like make, and eat, dinner. ah yes, you do not know about this new development in our lives. My saving grace. See, mihigna and i found a bike seat that attaches to our bikes on the bar in front of us, from One Step Ahead..(the BEST place for parents!) and we bought it, but it took FOREVER to get here, but it finally did. Then our friend, C.B put it on and away we went! You will have to see it to fully know what i"m talking about, so when I can, I'll have someone take a pic so I can post it. It is absolutly the BEST THING ever! It has a windshield and a guard that goes below to protect her legs, and it has a helmet, because you know, INFANT helmet are HARD to find!
I love having this bike, it has made my life so much better! See, she has grown bored with the stroller, it doesn't go fast enough, so this has been the perfect solution!

One step Ahead is the most awesome place we have found since becoming parents, they sell everything for babies and children. We are buying cunksi her holloween costume there. Any guesses what she will be this year? Leave me your guess in the comments and the winner will receive free products from my peaceful products homemade bath product line.

Today, Cunksi and I rode west on the trail and down to the bridge and looked down at the river, where we watched a momma doe and her baby play down below in the water. It was very cool.

In terrible news, Cunksi has been constipated, and it has been terrible. There is nothing worse than your child being in pain. So, I got out the acidolphilous, another MUST HAVE for parents, and that seemed to help. We looked in one of our books and it listed things NOT to give your child if constipated, and holy shit if I hadn't been giving her three of the four things on the list almost daily. I felt like a shit and a terrible mother, not to mention super guilty. eggghhh!!!! I hate that I added to her, if not caused her discomfort. Blegh, I'm a terrible mom. I hope she is all better tomorrow... I feel so bad.
Anyway, the other good news is, the invitations are out! So be looky looky in your mail boxes.
My turtle is turning one... still hard to believe.
ok, well, I guess that is all I have for now. I am going to go to bed.

Monday, August 25, 2008


So this past weekend was Rosebud Fair, the best fair of the whole year!!
And ten years since I've been HOME.
It was much fun! Mihigna and I, little turtle and our friends all went, it was really really fun. I even got to ride some really great rides. See, R.F has THE BEST RIDES, and my two favorites were there, the orbitor and the hurricane! Oh yah, the ones that make you scream your head off and scare the poop out of you, yep, those are the ones. I LOVED IT!
Turtle got to ride on the carousel, her favorite! But we just know she is going to be the zipper type girl. She can ride it, while her At'e and I watch from below. She has NO fear.
The weekend TOTALLY ROCKED. We didn't dance in grand entry because I didn't get our regalia done in time, but next year, we will be there. Plus, turtle will be dancing in tiny tots! too cute!
All else is good here.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

waay too bored

21 deep, shallow, and random

The Beatles or the Rolling Stones?: Depending on mood..but mostly the stones
Wintertime or summer?: summer if i must choose
Into kids or not?: I LOVE KIDS
Long hair or short hair?: long
Tattoos or not?: NOT
Whiskey or beer?: EWWWW
Religon or spirituality?: the latter
Camping or not?: the former
Legalize it or not?: what?
Paper or plastic?: cloth please
In person or on the phone?: in person
Social or anti-social?: social
Coke or Pepsi?: COKE
Recycle or just throw away?: RECYCLE
Dine in or Drive thur?: at home please
Bar or party?: neither
Rave or festival?: festival
Vintage or new?: Vintage
Car or Truck?: Truck
Mexico or Hawaii?: Neither
Lust or Love?: both, for the right reasons

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fun game/time waster

An interesting survey

What are you listening to right now?: nature sounds
What time is it?: ten p.m
Do you use Windows Media Player or iTunes?: itunes
Which browser do you have?: IDK
Whats your desktop background?: the most beautiful creature in the world
Do you have a profile pic?: yah
Whats your profile song?: Not Ready To Make Nice
Where was your profile pic taken?: ?I don't remmeber
Since summer began, how often do you log on?: twice a week at least
How many friends do you have?: many
How do you know the people on your Top Friends?: dear friends
How often do you watch movies?: never these days
Whats the last one you watched on TV?: the opening ceremonies
What about in theaters?: HAAAA!!! I gave birth, and gave up my theater going.
How many times have you gone to the movies this summer?: HAAAA!! I'll tell you that when I pick myself up off the floor.
Who’d you go with?: You make me laugh
Do you buy CD’s or download songs?: both
How many do you have?: MONDO
Whats the last CD you bought?: Black Lodge Singers: Kids pow wow songs
…The last song/CD you downloaded?: beats the hell outta's a long time ago.
Do you like rap?: not hardly
How about Country?: a select few
What other genres do you like?: classic rock, classical, jazz, native,
Do you wear makeup?: NOPE
Do you have a pet?: lots
Is your hair up or down right now?: down
Can you wait to go back to school?: Not applicable
Do you have an account with You Tube?: somewhere
Do you own a stereo?:

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Baby Turtle

Here is my baby turtle on her second day of life!!
She was such a joy to be pregnant with and give birth to. She is an equal joy to parent. I'm so blessed.
I love her so! She's an amazing turtle!
I can't believe she is 11 months old today! She is growing up!!!

Today, she is trying to walk on her own.

It will be only a matter of days.
I'm happy and sad.
Time goes waaaaay too fast.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Out of the Sandbox, into the grass

So, it's been a pretty hellish week around here. I spent the last 48 hours trying to discover whether or not my brother was dead.
Yes, I received word on Sunday that he was dead.
But, after much digging and calling and a wonderful friend, who is an ex cop.. i was able to find out that he is fine and alive.
We are still working out the details of the arragements for sister's service... but at least now we don't have to do two.

It's been a long hellish week. two weeks? hell i don't know anything these days.
It will get better, i know it will.
I'm going to be ok... always am.

Besides, I have the most amazing husband in the world who knows, supports and understands me.. for that I am SO SO grateful.
Plus,I've got a precious turtle to take care of....and no matter how shitty life is never all that bad.. because they are here. Him in his infinite wisdom, warmth and love and she,in all her fabulousness.
So, I'm stepping out of the sorrow sandbox and putting my bare feet in the nice warm grass and walking on.
thank you for your prayers and well wishes... flying tomatoe... i need your number and email.. email them to me please.