Saturday, April 5, 2008

Here comes the rain again....

they say we will have a thunderstorm tonight... our first of the season. How very exciting! Mihigna and I love thunderstorms... well, he more than I, the boominess and sudden crashes frighten me a bit... I'm afeared of getting struck by lightening. But it makes snuggling up to him all the nicer. I like them during the day.

The first t-storm means that spring is really here. The return of the thunder beings... in Lakota culture, we have a celebration for it and everything.

I'm excited. Changing seasons always excite me. Spring is wonderful, rebirth, renewal, clearing and cleansing. Spring means time to shake off the dust of winter and get realigned.

And now, mihigna and I have all these new things happening. Soon we will have a new home, new adventures, new surroundings... all sorts of newness, coming up like daffodils. And this year, we have a wee one to share it all with. (Did I mention I LOVE being an Ina?)

Part of the newness is that I'm going to make it ...try to make it, more regular that I'm posting, and not be quite so absent for so long.
But for now, kiohphya.

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