Tuesday, March 18, 2008

winds of change

Fun things have happened around the artichoke patch lately. Big things as well.
Mihigna bought me a new van, a very smart, very stylish, 2007 Grand Caravan.
I LOVE IT!!! (Who knew I'd ever say that?)
That thing IS smart, it practically thinks for itself. It lowers the brights if someone is coming, and you forget to do it yourself... I'm SO guilty of that.
It knows when someone is not buckled up or has unbuckled their belt and sets off this annoying, LOUD, dinging until said offender has made things right. This will come in handy when cunksi starts to go through her, unbuckling of the seatbelt phase. It is truly a fab van, I'm in love.

Wacipi season is just around the corner!!!! whoo hooo!!!! Cunksi will make her debut at the USD wacipi in her adorable regalia, sooooo cute!!!! I will be dancing as well, after a long three year hiatus. Wow, LONG time gone. Much too long.
There is other news, but I'm not ready to share. Must go now, Cunksi needs abu.

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