Saturday, August 9, 2008

fun game/time waster

An interesting survey

What are you listening to right now?: nature sounds
What time is it?: ten p.m
Do you use Windows Media Player or iTunes?: itunes
Which browser do you have?: IDK
Whats your desktop background?: the most beautiful creature in the world
Do you have a profile pic?: yah
Whats your profile song?: Not Ready To Make Nice
Where was your profile pic taken?: ?I don't remmeber
Since summer began, how often do you log on?: twice a week at least
How many friends do you have?: many
How do you know the people on your Top Friends?: dear friends
How often do you watch movies?: never these days
Whats the last one you watched on TV?: the opening ceremonies
What about in theaters?: HAAAA!!! I gave birth, and gave up my theater going.
How many times have you gone to the movies this summer?: HAAAA!! I'll tell you that when I pick myself up off the floor.
Who’d you go with?: You make me laugh
Do you buy CD’s or download songs?: both
How many do you have?: MONDO
Whats the last CD you bought?: Black Lodge Singers: Kids pow wow songs
…The last song/CD you downloaded?: beats the hell outta's a long time ago.
Do you like rap?: not hardly
How about Country?: a select few
What other genres do you like?: classic rock, classical, jazz, native,
Do you wear makeup?: NOPE
Do you have a pet?: lots
Is your hair up or down right now?: down
Can you wait to go back to school?: Not applicable
Do you have an account with You Tube?: somewhere
Do you own a stereo?:

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