Saturday, August 9, 2008

waay too bored

21 deep, shallow, and random

The Beatles or the Rolling Stones?: Depending on mood..but mostly the stones
Wintertime or summer?: summer if i must choose
Into kids or not?: I LOVE KIDS
Long hair or short hair?: long
Tattoos or not?: NOT
Whiskey or beer?: EWWWW
Religon or spirituality?: the latter
Camping or not?: the former
Legalize it or not?: what?
Paper or plastic?: cloth please
In person or on the phone?: in person
Social or anti-social?: social
Coke or Pepsi?: COKE
Recycle or just throw away?: RECYCLE
Dine in or Drive thur?: at home please
Bar or party?: neither
Rave or festival?: festival
Vintage or new?: Vintage
Car or Truck?: Truck
Mexico or Hawaii?: Neither
Lust or Love?: both, for the right reasons

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