Monday, August 25, 2008


So this past weekend was Rosebud Fair, the best fair of the whole year!!
And ten years since I've been HOME.
It was much fun! Mihigna and I, little turtle and our friends all went, it was really really fun. I even got to ride some really great rides. See, R.F has THE BEST RIDES, and my two favorites were there, the orbitor and the hurricane! Oh yah, the ones that make you scream your head off and scare the poop out of you, yep, those are the ones. I LOVED IT!
Turtle got to ride on the carousel, her favorite! But we just know she is going to be the zipper type girl. She can ride it, while her At'e and I watch from below. She has NO fear.
The weekend TOTALLY ROCKED. We didn't dance in grand entry because I didn't get our regalia done in time, but next year, we will be there. Plus, turtle will be dancing in tiny tots! too cute!
All else is good here.

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