Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Funnies and other stuff

No, no baby yet people.
She isn't "technically" due until tomorrow... so if you are waiting.. (so sweet of you) check back tomorrow.

In other news... today was a fab day. after a week of hell. In a matter of days I succumbed to a broken tooth, an infected tooth, much pain and agony, a smashed foot which ended in a broken toe, and just in general, much misery at being nine months pregnant which was worsened by my (and hubby) coming down with colds.

Oh the misery. It truly was not pretty around here... I swear I could not go out in public without bursting into tears. Why in public? I guess because leaving the house meant I actually had to walk about, which put me in much pain.. exacerbated my false- but- still- painful, contractions, and where I would inevitably hit my broken toe, or step on it wrong.. and life was simply too much to deal with. I actually was standing in Hyvee crying, as people were walking around me looking at me as if I were from mars and had two heads. Normally, had I not been having a rainstorm of hormones, it would be funny and I would expect them to stare at me, I'd probably even laugh with them, but not this time. I just got mad. This only further frustrated me and I retorted to them: "What people, have you never seen a preganant crying woman before?! Stop staring!" To which they really thought then that I WAS mental. My husband just stood there, holding me, letting me wail like a very pregnant woman. He's soo good.
But today.. was a good day. I got enough sleep, I was not in pain, it was not too hot, and I took my dog to the river. If you have my other blog address, you can see the pics.

So, all this craziness, i hope means that baby is on the way.
More tomorrow. promise. go look at the pics. if you don't have the addy, email me and I will give it to you.
be well, MBB

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