Saturday, August 11, 2007

Baby news, animals and carn-.. well almost carnage

So, went to the dr today... and after some torture... (another thing NOONE who has had children before warns you of) found out that baby is doing well and though she is still dancing about.. things are "progressing" and she could get here anytime. wow. hard to believe. I asked my dr if i should be concerned that she hasn't settled into the pelvis and she told me no, sometimes babies wait till the very last minute. hmm, what did i say the other day about procrastination? LOL!!!
After the torment was over, I went and picked up the swing for baby that I have been wanting. I waited until after the shower, just to be sure. So, I was very happy to have that for her and, short of her diapers...(the ones I want) she will have everything she needs.... or at least I think she needs. :)'s all so exciting! Buying that swing made it a bit more real.. that in less than three weeks, a wee one will be here with us, for kissing and hugging and holding and loving!!!
Tonight.. hubs and I went to the clay co. fair. quite the spectacle for me. See, where I grew up, county fairs were on the scale of the sioux falls fair. So, seeing this clay county fair (for the first time might I add) was a bit funny (funny ha haa) to me. It's so small... and so short... three days??? what's up with that?
And no horses? Or horse shows or rodeos? Wierd. See, I was a 4-H girl... I prepared all winter and spring for the fair, I got my horse ready and did all my training. Then fair week came and I showed my horses, and camped out at the fairgrounds and did all the fun fair stuff, hung out with my fair friends, ate all the yummy carnival food i could only eat during fair week, rode all the midway rides, went to the dance at night...... looked forward to all of it. So, forgive me fo the laughter, but for me, this clay county fair is small potatoes.
BUT, one thing I have NEVER seen... was the tractor races. So, hubby and I went to watch. I couldn't stop laughing! And I couldn't believe this was real! I kept thinking it was some sort of joke, a huge joke for masses of people, like a comedy show. But, as I soon learned, it was very real, and these people (in the stands) take it very seriously. How dare I laugh my head off at a bunch of men driving around on little tractors, thier butts half way off the seat trying to out race each other. What was I thinking? And how dare I hope for some carnage... someone to be tossed on their kiester, or tip over, or something funny!!! I mean.. come on! Big men on what looked to me like children's tractors. .... How could you NOT laugh????? and hope for a tip over or two? Hubby said I was mean to wish carnage on them.. i didn't want anyone to get hurt...(after all, how hurt could you get when you are two feet from the ground on a child's toy?) Shit, I'm laughing about it right now....
So, needless to say, when there were wrecks, people running into each other, men (repeatedly) running into the berm, one or more going around a corner too fast and their tractors start to buck like horses, or tip up on two weels, I laughed Forgive me if this makes me seem cruel and heartless... I mean/meant no harm to anyone... but I did laugh... hysterically... and had to restrain myself from pointing. Besides...they were wearing helmets.
And also... the funniest part.... they have pace driver... who took his job VERY seriously as well.. he probably lives for this every year.. looks forward to it. Dreams about the day when he gets to ride his little tractor out there in his purdy yellow shirt... with his blinking little light on the back and his purdy flag flowing behind it.
Forgive me if any of you are die hard tractor race fans... i mean no disrspect... I've just never seen it before.
We did get to go see all the cute.. I wanted to hug and kiss them all.. but many of them looked at me as if i were nuts... but those lambs are just soooo cute!!!! and the cows.. with their babies.. awww... perfect for kisses! But, they'd have none of it. So, I took lots of pics instead.. which i will post later... tomorrow probably.
So, that was my day... baby went to her first fair... I was a bit tortured... and I got a good laff at grown men being dorky on children's toys.
I can hardly wait to see what will happpen over there next. I hear they do something with mud and buggies or something....that will i have to see.

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