Saturday, August 11, 2007

Wed Eve

Well baby is busy growing.... and kicking.... and having a grand time. I am getting to the point though, where I wish she'd start thinking about putting that pelvic hat on, and preparing herself for birth. I am hoping she will, the closer things get.... though I'm not sure how close she'd like to cut it, as we are less than three weeks away from her "due date". Perhaps she has inhertied her Ate' and my sense of procrastination.
she is so very active, which of course, makes me happy. Kicking up a storm. Flipping around and pushing my ribs out to thier maxium length, that hurts. My ribs have become flared in the last few weeks and now my sternum is starting to seperate, that is a bit painful... about as painful as when my hips started to seperate. But, I'm not complaining... just perhaps whimpering a bit. LOL. It's hard to believe that about two weeks ago, i was all, "oh, i could stay pregnant forever..." and now reality and full on pregnancy has set in, and I am anxious for her to get here, as my body is feeling pregnant. I'm sure bodies have to do this, or women could be pregnant forever. All intellegent things, our bodies are such amazing pieces of work.
I have done a lot of sleeping and general resting this week. It hit me hard, and I'm having to rest much more now than I have throughout my whole pregnancy. I don't mind... I'm ready for it. LOL! I am not going through life at ninety miles an hour any more... more like a slowish turtle. Again.. gotta be a turtle to have a turtle!!! :)
For those of you who attended the shower.. your thank you's are in the mail.. so you should be recieving them within a day or two. I thank you for coming.. it was a pleasant wonderful evening.
Today I worked on getting more of baby's clothes organized and more of my hospital bag packed.... a bit here, a bit there. LOL. I'm really just finding things to do until she comes. It keeps me busy and the excitement in check.
My friend who was visiting me from back home left today, it was great having her here... and I'm finding my solitary groove again. I've had lots of vistors lately... both people from around town as well as ones from back home, that has been nice. Sort of preperation for after baby gets here.
Nesting kicked in big time today... but I can't do too much as I get tired so fast... so trying not to get too frustratd where that is concerned.
Life is good.
No, life is perfect. I have everything I could ever want. A best friend who is also my hubby, and a gorgeous daughter, both of whom I love more than anyone else in the universe.

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