Friday, August 17, 2007

Yes I'm Going to Wet the Bed

LOL, caught your attention didn't I?
I want it to actually cool down so I can have a fire, and have my friends over to enjoy it.... see if you haven't noticed, I love fire. Fire is fun, not in an arson kind of way... but a sit around and poke at logs kind of way. I have always loved fire, it was one of the actual GOOD skills I acquired from being a mormon and having to go to girls camp every summer. I learned how to make a mean fire, and made one every chance I got. (And get) Hubbs always say "You're going to wet the bed if you keep playing with fire." Which is funny, because I had never heard that wive's tale.
But anyway.. so the fireworks pictures are up and the belly pics will be up soon, maybe tomorrow, maybe the day after, then following those, or with them, will be the fair pics... of all the cute animals... and of course, the ones with the grown men on tractors... sorry, I don't think i have any good ones where their butts are hanging off the seats or their tractors are trying to buck them off.
I spent the day with my sister, which was fab, we talked alllllll day, which is always fun. It is so funny how we are totally sisters...She can drive me freakin' crrrraaaazzzzzzyyyy, but I love her as the day is long. I guess that is what sisterhood is about huh? We are both sort of counting down the days to the start of school, cuz then we have our girl time... and with her baby girl in tow, we all just hang out and be girls. Not in the sit around and put on makeup kind of girly girl way... in the old indian women kind of way. Where wesit-around-drink-coffee,laugh and talk like a bunch of old bitties sort of way. It is always about our family and husbands and such. We are as different as night and day, and yet, as I get older, I see this as a strength. It used to drive me nuts.. but now, it's helpful, because when I'm going WAY to fast, she can sort of pull me back, slow me down... and remind me to have patience, and I can be her kick in the pants when she is being too passive. And those sayings about sisters are so true.. I used to snort at them because I thought they were just cheesy fluff, but I see how true they really are. You know, the ones about how you will never have a relationship with anyone the way you have one with your sister. I get it now, and now I'm old enough to appreciate it. LOL. Evolution everywhere! :) Too cool!
And "My boys" (my nephews) are growing up!!!! Yey and Boo hoo! I have been with them since they all entered this world... and now the two oldest are well into teenhood and getting first loves.. ohhhh, it's soo...... I don't even know what the word would be. They both have had a rough road growing up... but they are doing well so far. I can't believe one is entering HS and one is in Jr High. It's wierd to see them going through some of the same things I and my sister went through when we were at that point in our lives.
I never really thought about what I was going through at the time... just lived it and got through it... but seeing it from an adult perspective now, it's amazing. To me, it was 'boring" everyday stuff, first time as a high school freshman, trying to find where you fit in, who you want to hang out with, first loves, first dances. It was all so blase to me... I hung out with who I wanted to, and didn't care about what other people thought... (no, I was never one for cliques or worrying over what other people thought of me. I just sort of charged through life and those around me could take it or leave it. I had no patience for any of the drama and angsty crap that most people ate up. I'm still the same way today. Since the small town drama irks the hell out of me) So seeing that boys also worry about having the "right friends" is so wierd. I never knew boys thought about that stuff. I see the oldest one trying to figure out who he is in the greater world and where he fits in... all normal stuff that I sort of just did. I realized early that I had been dealt a certain hand of cards that was what I had to work with, so I just concentrated on gettting out of high school as fast and as painless as possible. Thankfully, I did it (fairly) unscathed... but I see the things my oldest nephew worries about... and I want to do two things. A) Protect him. and B) Arm him with the knowledge that you can't please everyone, so just be yourself and be friends with whoever you want and how ever many people you want... and those who can deal with it will and those who can't, have issues bigger than you can solve. ( This is a lesson some of the adults I know need to learn.) When I was in school, I was a rotator.. (and to this day, I still am, sort of.) I hung out with all kinds of different groups... so I was never exclusive with just ONE clique. I liked a lot of different people for a lot of different reasons... and even though they didn't really like each other or would ever hang out together, they all knew that I hung out with both and they couldn't talk trash about each other.
I think it is a different world my boys are in today... not as simple,clean cut and "safe". Oldest nephew said he had to choose between two certain groups... and that bothered me. WHY? WHY do you have to choose? WHY? Why not be friends with both and give THEM the opportunity to step up and become better people?
And now I've blah, blah, blahed on and on. LOL. My main point is that they are both growing up and It provides me with a whole new look into the life of a teen ager.... so much different than mine was. More innocent in some ways.. but so much more violatile in others. I'm grateful that they are here in Vermtown where while it isn't perfect.. it is smaller and we have a bit more of a family feel here. Which is why my hs exp was not as tragic as it could have been.
Ok, shutting up now... for real. MBB

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