Saturday, August 11, 2007

Baby Joy

We had the baby shower last night, my wonderful friends were there, all of whom are dear to my heart. Baby cakes got some fabu gifts and the time was really enjoyable. My mother was in town for it, which was nice, but i didn't get to spend any time with here. My aunt was here as well... but i am ambivolent about her.
I'm getting more excited for baby to get here. She is sleeping a lot lately, she has much growing and putting on fat to do! :) I can hardly wait to see her, it will be so exciting. I should go send my thank you cards now... a little something to do before things get way too crazy.
Today is too humid again.. i will probably spend it working on T Y cards, and taking some naps.. I'm a little suprised at how very tired I am and get these days. I know it is from being at the tail end of my pregnancy, but I'm not used to being limited to be up for only a half hour at a time. If i'm up longer than that.... I get contractions.. so I'm resting.
For now, MBB

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