Tuesday, October 23, 2007


well. what a time it has been.
First and foremost, the reason I am writing this is because we are introducing the bottle. OOOOOOO.
Very very hard times. I'm not putting her on the bottle, but we need to have her be able to take it for times when I am not able to feed her. Such as when I have to go to the dentist and get my teeth fixed, as well as when i have to go give readings... which is coming up soon. Her father will be with her, but even so, he still has to be able to feed her while I'm giving my reading, visiting classes, or being on a panel.
It's still hard though. Neccesary, but hard. I left the house to make the transition easier on all involved, but it felt like I was leaving a vital part of me behind. Thoughts of my baby thinking I abandoned her went through my head. So, I had to take a deep breath, tell myself it would be fine, and if I relaxed, she would too.
It worked, it was still hard, but it worked. She took the bottle, and for now, all seems well. (thank god for cell phones.)
She seems so young to be doing this, but we have to in order to have her feeding from the bottle by the time my reading in colorado comes.
In other baby news, she is doing well. Growing amazingly, she was 9# 5 oz. two weeks ago. She has outgrown all her 0-3 month clothes. Amazing! I'm so proud of her! Her legs are getting so long! And she is sleeping well, though her sleeping has never been an issue. She is starting to stretch her feedings out to four hours through the night.
OK, that is all i have for now... more later.

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