Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Wow, one year ago, you came here to bless our lives, and 365 days later, we are still amazed at you!!

You had a fabulous birthday party with many people in attendance, and you were smashing in your green little romper!! (green so appropriate!)
I will post pics soon.
You are still the love of my life!!!

In honor of your then- soon- to- be- arrival: The poem I wrote for you!!!

Mary BlackBonnet

Cunksi he u, nahan iyomakipi.
Heti el mita cante
He miye cante

Daughter is coming
her journey has been long,
I’m honored by her.
Another shaking of me,
an evolution of my self revolution.
My tongue has returned,
my roots replanted.
I flourish.
She is my heart,
balm for a soul wound, recently healed.
My eyes opened to the losses,
understanding the gifts left in their wake.
I want to say,
she will be my eyes, my heart, my tongue.
But I know,
if I didn’t already have these,
she wouldn’t be here.


I could write all the amazing things you do... but i would rather crawl back in bed and snuggle up to you.
I will write them here later.
untehilapi lila tonka Cunksi,
Ni Ina na At'e.

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