Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Mihgna EFFING Rocks!!!

So, I was looking at someone's darkroom the other day, because she was selling it, and I want to buy it. I want it so I can do my b&W photos myself. I like processing myself and not paying moola to have someone do something I know how to and love to do.
Anyway, so cunksi and I came back to the house and just guess what was waiting for me?????
My late birthday-anniversary gift.

A Nikkon D60!!!!

I was effing speechless! Mihigna took care of Cunksi while I opened the box, muchly child-like. I'm so incredibly happy to have that thing... I took pictures in the house, in the dark, after cunksi went to bed. I LOVE IT!!!!!
After Cunksi wakes up from her nap, we are heading out to snap some photos!!!

Mihigna rocks my world... I'm so effing lucky!

And trust me, I don't ever forget it either.

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