Saturday, December 22, 2007


It's almost christmas.

I'm home, hubby is home.

Cunksi is here this year.

Life is perfect.

At this time last year, I was horrifically ill and bed bound with pneumonia.

I was also pregnant, and didn't know it yet.

I was sick because I was coming off the last two hellish years I'd had since I could remember.

But even as I coughed and hacked my lungs out, cikala cunksi was growing and soon i would discover her presence.

Life would never be the same.

I'm glad.

She has made my life perfect. I love her, she is perfect, and I'm so honored to be her mother.

As I write this, she is in the other room with her Ate, they are dancing together, she has a huge smile across her face.

Next to her Ina, her Ate is her favorite person.

She is a mini me. it is wierd to look in someone's tiny face and see your features staring back at you.

Or see traits in someone else that you realize are your own.

Traits that are cute in a three month old.... tho I do have more pity for my husband now ... such a saint to live with me.

Two people created this beautiful, amazing, perfect creature; who already at three months knows she rules the roost and is the tiniest diva.

It's great.

I've said it before and I'll say it again.

I was put on this earth to do a lot of things... but the most important thing I was brought here to do was be cunksi's Ina.

The honor is mine.

If it is awile before I check back in, merry christmas everyone. Happy holidays, enjoy them, may you get what you need in the new year. and what you want.

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