Saturday, July 21, 2007

Lunch, movie, Harry Potter and Greens

I got a lot of work done yesterday, which made me muchly happy. I had a delicious lunch with a friend, that made me full and happy. (Thank you L.)

Last night, I finally got to see my movie Way of the Peaceful Warrior... (Which by the way, if any of you are interested in watching it, is called "Paceful Warrior") I didn't get to fininish it, because sleepiness took over. But it from waht I saw, it rocked! I was a bit skeptical because after I got it, I saw that they based the movie on the book... read, 'we took ample liberties to make it sellable." LOL. There were few glitches, but nothing major or upsetting.. as least as far as I got in the movie. The only bad thing was the main character they chose, was also in a few scary movies... now in MBB world, if i see you in a scary movie, or a movie where you play a really bad person,, you are etched in my brain as such. (seriously, it took me quite a few years and many viewings of Fried Green Tomatoes to get over my fear of the lady who broke the guys ankles in misery.) So the main character in Warrior, was a bit unnerving for me, because i'd previously seen him in quite a few scary movies. I know i'm not telling you actor/actresses names, I don't ever know them. Minute, unimportant detail. (and a bit of pregnancy brain.) Hell, yesterday I saw another dear friend at the CSG, and I totally blanked her name.... I felt so bad. Could not think of it for the life of me.

Anyway, so the movie is good. I had fully planned on going to capture some of the Harry craziness that was rumored to be hitting vermillion at the witching hour.... not that I wanted to be a part of it, but I certainly wanted to see it. Well, that didn't happen, as I was in bed by 11. I woke up this a.m quite refreshed and said... "dammit, I missed the harry potter craziness." I love JK Rowling as an author, have not read through any of her books, but as an author and a human being, she seems pretty amazing. All writers (ok, some writers, many writers) long to have her wham bam career. So, the morning news was all infested with harry potter-ness. I didn't watch it, I went and ate my breakfast.

Tortoise update. I had told you in a earlier post that I changed his name to Vern, but wasn't sure if I liked that.
I do. It will stay Vern. For those of you who have seen Over the Hedge, you know how that Vern was a Vern? Well, my little guy is a Vern as well. (and not just cuz he sleeps in a log.) He has informed me that there will be NO spinich in his food, he will only eat certain greens and the others will simply be tossed aside. This from an animal who, previous to living at my house, was fed frozen vegtables. What is it wiht my animals, I bring them into my house and suddenly they think they are royalty. So, I had to go buy him completly new food, food that up to this point, is still being decided on whether it is good enough or not.

Results to come.

But he is soo cute, you just want to kiss his little head.
But I can't. For risk of salmonella poisoning.
But I would, if I could.
Ok, I'm off to other adventures now. L I hope you and B had lots of fun at the b-day party for M. M, I hope you had a fab b-day.

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